How to configure NTP on the Aastra RFP 32/35 IP & 620d/622d handsets

Here’s a short tutorial on how to configure an NTP timeserver on your Aastra RFP IP antennas, and deploy it to the handsets. I used the RFP 32/35 IP for this in combination with the Aastra 620d/622d handsets.
But I think the procedure would be the same for any other and future models.
Anyway let’s get started.


  • Use the configuration tool to load the config of the antenna. Then click “add parameter” in the top of the screen.


  • Now you need to add the “DNS server address” from the drop down list (in case you didn’t already) and then the “NTP server name”.


  • Now that you added the parameter(s) you should have some extra fields, so enter the correct info in the fields and click “Send config.”


So after that the config tool should say “ok” and that should be it.