How to reset HP ILO password

Here’s how to easily reset the HP Integrated Lights Out password without needing to access the console.(tested only with ILO2!!)
Please note this will only work if the server is online and if the hp management tools are installed in the OS. If they are not then refer to this:

1. Install SNMP on the windows server (neede by HP Insight Management Agents.)
2. Ddowloaded and install the HP Insight Management Agents.
3. Download and install HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility.

Ok now that everything is in place, open a notepad file and enter the following :

<ribcl VERSION="2.0">
<login USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD="somerandompassword">
<user_INFO MODE="write">
<mod_USER USER_LOGIN="Administrator">
<password value="yournewpassword"/>

Now save the file as yourfile.XML , and copy it to your hp\hponcfg directory (normally under prog. files)
When done that open a command prompt , navigate to c:\program files\hp\hponcfg directory and issue the following command:

HPONCFG.exe /f yourfile.xml
Now it should successfully reset the password, but please note that the min. password length is 8 characters.