Users logging on with local profile instead of roaming profile

I had a situation where users who should be logging on with roaming profiles loaded from a DFS share, were getting logged on with a local profile.
After browsing the logs, we could see that the profile wouldn’t get loaded because of a slow network link.

Which could be the case since users switch offices all the time.
The default policy is to check wether a slow link exists (500kb by default) and if so, windows will log you on with a local or cached profile.

To disable the slow link detection, you need to edit/create a gpo , Computer settings\Policies\Administrative Templates\System\Group Policy
Now you need to enable the policy and set it to “0” to disable detection,or define a speed you like.

Now when this is done, you also need to modify another policy under the user profile section (Computer settings\Policies\Administrative Templates\System\User Profiles)
You only need to enable the 2 marked in the screenshot, the other ones I enabled are not for this issue.


Switch full screen of Terminal server client in ubuntu on VMWare Workstation/Player/server

A stupid thing but could be frustrating:
When you want to switch out of fullscreen in ubuntu’s terminal server client you have to enter:

but doing this in an ubuntu VM will result in full screen switching of vmware(the vm) and thus not the terminal server client running in the ubuntu vm.

to solve this enter
CTRL-ALT-SPACE this will passthrough all key combinations to the vm instead of applying them to vmware ws/server/player.

after this you can enter ctrl-alt-enter to switch full screen in TS client.